About the Webrary

The Webrary is the culmination of a year-long sabbatical conducted by Roger Corrigan, a teacher in the Social Studies Department of the American School in London. The Webrary is intended to be a distillation of best of the best of Education and Teaching related web sites. It is intended primarily as a resourcece for integrating the World Wide Web into the curriculum of ASL. It is also for the use of ASL students as an aid for study and research. Like most things on the Web (and like education itself, we believe) it is a Work in Progress. We hope to make these pages easier to navigate, more topical, better annotated and more complete. Until that time - use what we have, tell us what you think, and by all means, if you find our links outdated or our lists incomplete, drop us a line and let us know.


Research and Compilation of Links: Roger Corrigan

HTML and Design: Jim Guion

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